Welcome To Our First Post!

Welcome to the first post in ‘Horizons‘, our new blog site!

We hope to bring you a steady stream of pleasant distractions and diversions, all (sometimes loosely, we admit in advance… ) connected to life in the Bahamas.

Consider this your invitation to use us as your regular coffee-break reading, and to join in if you wish. Mostly we hope that you will enjoy our tidbits, news, and inside info on this wonderful place we call The Bahamas.

Once we get over the excitement of this new way of talking with you, we are going to try to make ‘Horizons‘ a place that you can rely on for fresh informed interpretation of the events and news shaping Bahamas real estate investment.

I’ve started with the first article but over time, you will see contributions in ‘Horizons‘ from the many others in our talented and knowledgeable crew sharing their versions of today’s Bahamas.

Also, please have a look at our new logo, used above in ‘Horizons‘ for one of the first times. Over the next few months, our updated variation is replacing our widely recognized logo of the last fifteen years.

Our new look is meant to symbolize the combining of strengths and tradition from our long history in the Bahamas, with our passion for quickly adopting modern approaches available in today’s world. We feel this is what creates our unique opportunity to present value and benefit to our clients and customers.

So thanks for joining us! Once again, we wholeheartedly welcome you to ‘Horizons‘, HGChristie’s newest exciting way to share our world with you!

Warmest regards,

John Christie




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