The New Bahamian

The recent generation of Bahamians are coming home in masses, armed with world-class educations, or – pining for home – with cv’s from illustrious careers in corporate America, Britain, and Canada, or from assignments that pointed the people of the world to our country.

Over the last few years, HGChristie team-building has benefited immensely from this rich influx of talent.

Several people joining our ranks during this homeward migration have brought additional strengths to our already great team, and today I wanted to introduce you to Iola Saunders, our most recent sales associate.

Bahamian-born, European-educated, and fresh from the American tourism-business world, Iola is pretty well a poster child for the new Bahamian generation. I think we are just beginning to understand that this generation is developing an amazing potential.

Our newest Estate Agent, Iola’s main thrust is communications, a modern discipline that is very good for our clients, and for our company.

One of the greatest traits in bringing together people in a good real estate transaction is the ability to set a tone of open communication in an environment of current concise information, orchestrating results that over-deliver to the needs and want of the parties.

For us, Iola is the newest of several people now part of our company who represent the new breed of business executive expected at real estate’s business table. Our international clientele is conversant in the ways of efficient business and well-accustomed to smoothly flowing transactions. Iola came to us equipped with well-developed understanding of how to deliver in this arena.

The most exciting part of all this is to contemplate the impact Iola and others just like her are unleashing onto the future of the Bahamas as they come back from the big world to repopulate our country’s workforce.

People talk about tourism, or banking, or shipping as the roots of the economy, but I think the most substantial gain felt by our country in the next twenty years will be created from the depth that people like Iola Saunders and her generation are providing to our communities and businesses.

If you would like to read a little of Iola Saunder’s quite interesting background, please have a look at Iola’s personal area on our main website.




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