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We have restarted our online newsletter, ‘Bahamas Real Estate Review’, with the latest for March coming out in the next few days.

An interesting article in this month’s newsletter will present sales statistics from 2007 as an indicator of the Bahamas real estate market.

Our sample base quantity is estimated to be approximately 30% of the total sales culminated in the country last year, enabling a very interesting panorama of what is happening in Bahamian real estate. To our knowledge, this is the only statistical analysis available for our industry, and we are pleased to share the figures.

At any rate, the numbers tend to suggest that real estate values continue to climb, despite the influence of being beside the world’s largest economy as it reels from its own problems.

To read more about what happened last year, you will have to read our March newsletter. We hope you will enjoy the other articles and features there as well, and please watch for the newsletter monthly.

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That being said, we had a fantastic time with the old newsletter, and it was quite well received. It was much more than a newsletter. Actually it was a magazine, with upwards of ten articles in each issue.

At the time it was published, we tried very hard to offer articles of lasting interest and to have them contain information that would be continue to be valid for decision-making long past the publishing date.

The articles in our “Bahamas Real Estate Review’ archives remain surprisingly timely and you will still them to be full of some very good information.

If you would like to check them out, you will find them online in the permanent home for ‘Bahamas Real Estate Review’.




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