NASA! Cat Island, Bahamas is a perfect destination for Extraterrestrial Tourists.

So, last night I was reading about NASA’s news conference scheduled for 2 p.m. EST today, Thursday, Dec. 2, to discuss an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life. Astrobiology is the study of the origin, evolution, distribution and future of life in the universe

This got me thinking. As I pondered life in the universe, the synapses triggered associations such as, the lyrics of a great Bahamian Calypso/Rake N Scrape song, that goes,

“We headin’ in ta deep Space an’ we takin’ Rake ‘n Scrape”

The more I thought about it the more I think that the folks at NASA may want to take a look at the Rake N Scrape capital of the world, Cat Island, Bahamas.

Cat Island holds an annual Rake N Scrape Festival showcasing this infectious genre of music comprised of a cast of characters, resourceful musical instruments and clever, often humourous, lyrics.

AND … Should NASA locate our extraterrestrial neighbors, Cat Island, Bahamas is seeming to be the ideal location to invite them to visit.
Renowned actor and Bahamian Ambassador, Sir Sidney Poitier, who was born in Cat Island, Bahamas

Sir Sidney, once said in an interview, “… My knowledge of the world was gathered in Cat Island and Nassau. I learned from how people lived and what constituted a good person, in Cat Island. ”
Therefore, I am confident that Cat Island would be sure to provide NASA’s new found guests some great insights into our world.

Without a doubt, Cat Island represents some of the best ‘natural beauty’ our ‘blue planet’ offers. The ‘Family Islands’ or the ‘Out Islands’ of the Bahamas are billed as ‘The Real Bahamas’
You know, the more I pondered this, the more I realized that Aliens, Rake N Scrape and Cat Island, Bahamas were closer than the ‘6 degrees of separation to Kevin Bacon’.

A new connection arises.

Could Hollywood, an expert on aliens and extraterrestrials, have known of the association to ‘Cat Island’ when it produced the 1953’s movie “Cat Women on the Moon”?

yet, you don’t need a rocket ship to get there.

So, should NASA find success in their new venture, I wish to advise them that Cat Island, Bahamas awaits the newly tapped potential tourism market.
Make sure to check out our some of our current listings in Cat Island, while you play that Rake N Scrape.
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