HG Christie in 2014 – A Special Message from John Christie


In a technologically centric world, every query can be answered. Yet, not every answer can be trusted. Trust is built on proof, experience and positive interaction – in a word relationship.

As CEO for the brokerage known as The Trusted Authority in Bahamas Real Estate, I pondered the value of being trusted and the assured sustenance of this accolade as we continue to grow and evolve in 2014.

I realized that our reputation for being trusted has been earned over the decades and is a direct result of ernest interactions steeped in ethics and excellence. It reflects the importance we place on all interactions with our highly valued and deeply appreciated clients, indeed it speaks to the importance we place on our relationships with them.

When HG Christie opened its doors in 1922, it established real estate as a legitimate business in The Bahamas. This was a large step to altering a very different method of doing business where sales contracts were written on cocktail napkins and sealed with a handshake. However, there were no websites, iPhone apps, or even yard signs. So, you relied almost entirely on your agent to show you what was for sale. As The Bahamas real estate business grew there was a lot of emphasis placed on competition and sales quotas. This created a proprietary culture that valued winning agent-of-the-month over building log-term relationships with clients – and unfortunately – it didn’t do our industry any favors in terms of credibility.

When Sir Harold George Christie started HG Christie Ltd., his focus was to relationships over sales quotas: relationships that last not just for a transaction, but for a lifetime. Over 90 years ago, Sir Harold’s determination and undertaking led to eventually building an office, guiding regulated licensed real estate transactions, the maturation of an entire company with progressive ideas and the development of several prestigious communities that remain coveted addresses today. And as Sir Harold developed the company he sought like-minded professionals and associates who understood his vision and the importance of truly great service.

Fast forward almost a century, and much has changed in real estate. The cocktail napkins have been replaced by digital contacts and the home search process has moved almost entirely online. We’ve also seen the rise of franchises and technology companies that offer templated real estate services of one kind or another. However, despite all the bells and whistles, most of these companies look at buyer and seller as leads, not as people who are about to embark upon a major financial and emotional decision. We love what technology has done for real estate, but as an independent brokerage HG Christie’ s business is able to adopt a philosophy that lives and dies by the relationships we have with our clients and our community. It’s one of the few things that has not altered over the course of almost an entire century.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” We couldn’t agree more. It’s impossible for us to predict exactly what the future holds for real estate. 2013 brought continued evolution and growth for HG Christie, as well as, acknowledgement and award winning exposure in a world arena. A growing talented team, expanded locations, implementations of cutting-edge technology, numerous recognitions in media, events and awards where enjoyed in the past year. Looking forward, the world at large remains in flux and our own market is pepper with concerned conversations of proposed changes. Yet, large investments continue to be made into a commodity of which there is limited supply – real estate – notably within The Bahamian real estate market are Albany and Baha Mar extremely high profile developments which are sure to forever alter The Bahamas.

Back in 1922 Sir Harold George Christie could no more predict the future than we can today. How could he have known the greatest depression in US history would occur or that he would be called on to weather a World War. Yet, with a sincere love for his island nation, a passion for progress and a realistic optimism: Sir Harold stayed a visionary course with an unwavering belief in real estate as sound and enjoyable investment, and he presented and engaged in all transactions with excellence; and this is how we will continue to move forward.

It is safe to say that technology will continue to change our world; not only in business and the real estate industry, but our lives on the whole – in new and exciting ways. Yet, one thing, which is sure to remain steadfast, is HG Christie Ltd.’s commitment to the delivery of excellence & ethics and a unwavering belief that relationships remain central to our core values for many generations to come.

We look forward to the opportunities which 2014 holds for us all and will to continue to value and foster our immeasurable relationships with you.

We are looking forward to deepening our relationship with you in 2014.

Earnestly and creatively yours,

CEO/HG Christie Ltd.



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