The wonders of ‘happy’ in the Bahamas


What pops into your head when you think of being happy? Is it going for a long run through the forest? Maybe it’s spending time with your loved ones? Or perhaps it’s being somewhere warm and soothing?

Hmm … Let’s think about that last one for a minute. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, think warm, soothing thoughts.

While many parts of North America are experiencing one of the worst winters ever – deep, deep cold – many people are fleeing both mentally and physically to warmer climates. If only for a week or two, it genuinely does work wonders.

Lying just off the coast of the frozen Eastern United States are island gems in clear azure waters , bathed in warm sunlight, ‘Behold The Bahamas’. Doesn’t this Super Bowl ad make you want to escape to the Bahamas to find some happy?

Speaking of happy, let’s talk about that for just a minute. It can mean different things for different people. One thing that brings me a happy memory is a corned beef on rye sandwich. This may sound a little funny to you from someone who lives in the Bahamas but think about it for a second. It’s just the perfect sandwich. It has protein from the beef vegetables from the sauerkraut, and rye – isn’t that supposed to be the better flour to use these days? And we can’t forget the corned – not sure exactly how they ‘corn’ beef, but to my mouth that doesn’t really matter. It all just tastes good, and upon further observation it is obviously ‘good for you’ – right?!

You know what else is good for you? Being happy. Yes, totally good for you.

Being happy gives you an overall sense of well-being. It makes you feel healthy and sometimes even inspired.

So if, like so many people, your happiness comes from warm weather with a beautiful view of the ocean then I invite you to come and behold,The Bahamas. Get relief from the cold and get some ‘happy’. Me and the therapeutic sun, sand and sea are ‘happily’ waiting on you. Oh yeah, and while you are at it, could you maybe help me find one of those sandwiches.

Living in he Bahamas we get to experience the wonders of ‘happy’ each and every day. Every morning I wake up and say to myself ‘wow, another beautiful day’. And no, it doesn’t get old.

Allison Lafrenier – HGC Estate Agent



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