Airline Buccaneer Sir Freddie Laker’s Grand Bahama Home For Auction

freddy_laker_photo_listing_28272_20140923150559Bahamas Real Estate has long been sought after by the rich and famous. Glamorous properties throughout the 700 islands have seduced everyone from The Duke of Windsor and Sir Harry Oakes to President Nixon (whose Abaco hideaway was recently sold by HG Christie), Jennifer Lopez, Johnny Depp and David Copperfield who now offers exclusive (24k night) treasure hunts from Musha Cay, his private island in the Exumas.


HG Christie, the oldest and most-established name in Bahamas Real Estate, is once again proud to offer you a chance to purchase a piece of Bahamas Real Estate history. This time it’s the exclusive Grand Bahama home of Sir Freddie Laker – a name synonymous with great value and taste.

The Sealed Bid Auction for this incredible property will run from September 26th to November 7th.

Laker Airways Pioneered “No Frills” Aviation. (Image via.)

A British “Airline Buccaneer” found his Perfect Escape in The Bahamas

Sir Freddie Laker (1922-2006), a British airline entrepreneur, is best known as the founder of Laker Airways. It was the first airline to adopt the “no frills” business model that has proven so successful worldwide with companies such as Southwest Airlines, Ryanair, easyJet and Virgin Australia.

Sir Freddie was a rambunctious free-thinker of a man, a working class hero, who started off sweeping floors and ended up amassing a vast personal fortune in his quest for affordable air travel. He was a great mentor to Virgin entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, whose motto “Screw it Just Do It!” reflects Freddie’s gung-ho attitude to business and life.

Sir Freddie Laker was a Great Mentor to Sir Richard Branson. (Image via.)

It comes as no surprise that this swash-buckling airline buccaneer, known for wrangling with British Airways and any government that stood in his way, would find his ideal home in the laissez-faire haven of The Bahamas.

“No Frills” in Business But Spared no Expense on his Bahamas Home

Just 60 miles from Miami, you too can have the perfect escape. The 1.69 acre, 5 bedroom oceanfront residence is located in the exclusive private community of Princess Isle.

While Sir Freddie may have pioneered the “no frills” business model, his incredible property has everything you could possibly wish for in a tropical getaway or year-round home!

Full details of Sir Freddie Laker’s Bahamas Home

Sealed Bid Auction runs from September 26th to November 7th 2014.

Written by David Lee.



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