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Rhonda-Waton-photo_11777_49HG Christie’s Top Producer in Bahamas Real Estate for Eleuthera: Rhonda Waton

HG Christie Real Estate Agent, and “island gal”, Rhonda Waton loves to share her passion for the beautiful island of Eleuthera – ‘her’ Eleuthera.

 HG Christie Ltd. CEO, John Christie, had this to share about Rhonda and Eleuthera: “Rhonda has a genuine passion for Eleuthera, its history and present community. Within a few moments of conversation with Rhonda you are drawn in by her infectious enthusiasm and longing to learn and see more of her beloved island. I also share a deep passion for Eleuthera, so I fully understand where she is coming from. Eleuthera is one of my favourite areas of The Bahamas. It possesses a beauty and magic that everyone should experience in person to best understand. Outside of the obvious breath-taking beauty, there is a real ‘artist energy’ in Eleuthera. Perhaps this is as a result of its natural palate: the awe-inducing Glass Window Bridge, clear watercolour seas, pink sands, vibrant settlements awash with colourful homes and a lively rich heritage and people. Eleuthera is a MUST see for all – and HGC and Rhonda are excellent resources to assist you in your quest to call Eleuthera ‘home’.”

Join us for a Q & A with Rhonda as she talks about her rich seafaring history, her exciting journey into the world of Bahamas Real Estate and why she has enjoyed over a decade of success as an HG Christie real estate broker.

Who:              Rhonda Waton
What:              Passion for Eleuthera
Where:           Specializes in Governor’s Harbour
When:             10 Years of Real Estate Success
Why:               Rich History, Incomparable Beauty, & ‘HOT’ Real Estate Market

What about you, makes you successful as a Bahamas Real Estate Agent?

Since I was a child, I’ve always had a passion for helping others in many different ways, from holding a door to risking my life saving peoples’ lives when I was working for BASRA (Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association). In Real Estate, I get great satisfaction from helping clients achieve their goals of finding or selling their property. I have family roots going back centuries in Abaco and Spanish Wells (North Eleuthera). So, I love to share my knowledge and passion for this beautiful island I’m so fortunate to call home.

Rhonda living the island life

What inspired you to go into the real estate business?

I attribute the “seed planting” to my fantastic dentist Mark Davies who told me I had the perfect personality for real estate. I didn’t really know what that meant at the time, but the idea kept nagging at me so I signed up with my uncle’s small firm and took the exam.  Apparently I made an impression because within a week or so John Christie called me and asked me to join the stellar HG Christie team. So, I checked with my uncle who encouraged me to take the opportunity and its been a whirlwind ever since!

What is the best part of your job?

I would have to say the best part of my job is having buyers come back to me every time they come to the island, give me a big hug and continuously proclaim how happy they are to be here and how pleased they are with their purchase. They are heartstring people! Their recommendations are tremendous and they essentially become very dear to me.  When someone really appreciates you for your genuine efforts to make them happy, its pretty special.

Give us an overview of the Eleuthera Real Estate market right now?

The Eleuthera market is burgeoning right now – this season is poised to be vigorous!  Visitors are coming from far and wide, having been referred by friends and family and once they visit – they fall in love and are looking to buy – there’s nowhere else quite like it. We are a very laid community, with owners understanding the value of the island and its incredible peace, congeniality and sanctuary.  So there is no price slashing for the keen; fairly opposite to some teachings. I tell buyers, “If you follow your heart, you will find your perfect property and have such enjoyment that you will never want to sell it!” Because no one ever wants to give up property in Eleuthera!  But, if and when sellers do enter the Eleuthera market, they find that their property will sell at a fair price and they will enjoy fair return on their investment.


Governor's Harbour - the Bahamas' oldest settlement (photo by Rhonda)
Governor’s Harbour – the Bahamas’ oldest settlement (photo by Rhonda)

When you’re not selling real estate, what do you enjoy in your spare time?

I like to spend time with the funniest guy I know – my son. I also enjoy running, gardening, photography and exploring. Last year around this time I set out to find an 8-inch shark tag that had reportedly been lost somewhere along a mile-long shoreline. I found it! Much to the surprise of University of Miami – a veritable needle in a haystack! I love challenges!

How do you stay active in the local community?

Post hurricane season, I’ve been active in aiding those less fortunate in which ever way will make the most impact. Also I’m involved in animal rescue and community farming – the Eleuthera Community Farm was established in 2013 with the purpose of making locally grown organic produce available to local communities. I’d like to learn more about sustainable farming and follow in the footsteps of our ancestors.


Simply beautiful (photo by Rhonda)
Simply beautiful (photo by Rhonda)


What’s ‘hot’ in Eleuthera Real Estate right now?

The most popular areas in Eleuthera are “every gorgeous beach”! We have over 120 of them so take your pick. The historic capital of Governor’s Harbour is very popular as it combines miles of beaches with a picturesque, buzzing little town.

Some ‘hot’ properties in Governor’s Harbour right now are:  ‘Anchor Point Condominiums’ which are centrally located with majestic harbour-side views; ‘Governor’s Estates’ a special enclave of beautifully designed homes that are offered for sale with fabulous rental history; Unicorn Shores on the famous pink sand Atlantic beaches and ‘Freedom Estates’.

We have everything from exclusive luxury properties of Windermere Island to great ‘bang-for-buck’ beachfront and excellent snorkelling at Tarpum Bay.

Have a closer look at these fabulous Eleuthera properties – Rhonda can’t wait to share with you…

Governor’s Estates:



Palmetto Point:


Windermere Island:



Rhonda Waton
Eleuthera – Governors Harbour
Estate Agent
o: 242.332.3404
c: 242.359.7019
e: Rhonda@HGChristie.com

See more at: http://www.hgchristie.com/bahamas-realtor/rhonda_waton/


Written by David Lee.



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