Christie’s Hosts Global Networking Event for Top Agents

Christie's Affiliates Network at 'The Top'

On Wednesday, January 20, 2016 – Mark Huffman reported in The JACKSON HOLE NEWS & GUIDE: “Top Christie’s agents swarm Jackson Hole”.

Amidst the “Real estate high rollers from all over the world”, there to ski and network, was HG Christie Ltd’s own CEO/VP, John Christie, and 2015 Top Producer for New Providence and Paradise Island, Ryan Knowles.

Christies Jackson Hole Event - Ryan

Our top tiered agents joined the ‘crowd of top sellers of luxury real estate from around the United States and beyond’ in Jackson Hole, WY for a ‘no-tie-needed’ conference.  Their itinerary included skiing,  networking, touring local luxury listings and attending a few sessions with  industry leaders.


Christie’s International Real Estate network has over 140 affiliates with more than 36,000 agents.  Worldwide, Christie’s sales last year topped  an incredible $113 billion!

Teton Mountain Village and Spa

The Christie’s International Real Estate Global Networking Event attracted 150 elite real estate professionals from international areas such as Argentina and London.  These luxury agents are realtors who have achieved success specializing in properties worth a million or more.  

Teton Village

Headquartered in the Hotel Terra in Teton Village, HG Christie Top Producer Ryan drank in the elegance of the accommodations and threatened to ‘never leave his room’.  However, the lure of ongoing activities and opportunities prevailed and he was on the move, spotted on the slopes and about town along with John and other movers and shakers.

Rich Moeser, senior vice president of real estate for Christie’s International Real Estate, flew in from Florida and enjoyed facilitating events and connections,  “outside the typical conference setting, without the suits. … They’ll have time to build some relationships.”

John enjoyed ‘ the view from the top’ skiing and socializing with Rick and other Christie’s affiliates.


When they were not on the slopes, or indulging in outstanding eateries and ‘watering holes’ in the area, this select group enjoyed more customary presentations.  From climber and photographer Jimmy Chin, a part-time Jackson Hole resident, who spoke about achievement and excellence, to  Jerry Blann, president of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort,  who spoke to the group on the ski business and its relation to real estate, this group of high fliers shared insights, exchanged contacts and deepened relationships.  The relationships within this exclusive network serve the clients and realtors on a global level by expanding exposure for sellers and broadening options for buyers.

Christies Jackson Hole Event

Savvy agents know that many HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals) who buy in their area frequently seek to a purchase additional real estate in other markets. Established Christie’s network affiliate relationships offer discerning clients the assurance of working with knowledgeable and top achieving agents familiar with the needs and nuances of the luxury real estate not only in their market, but across the globe.


Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates was the Christie’s “global affiliate of the year” in 2015, the second time it has won the honor.  Attendees also had a chance to tour three houses in the Jackson Hole area worth more than $4 million each. Christie’s Senior VP, Rick Moeser, shared marketing material he brought from Florida for a $195 million house he has listed for sale.

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