Home Staging: Getting your home ready for buyers

As much as home buyers like virtual tours, a warm welcome at an open house or a showing will make a lasting impression. When you stage your home, you highlight the strengths and downplay the weaknesses to appeal to the biggest pool of prospective buyers.



Most important thing you can do is de-clutter your home. You can do this by removing a piece of furniture and packing away old items and trinkets to make the space look larger.



Proper lighting can make your home look warm and welcoming. You can make sure your rooms are well lit by adding accent lighting to dark areas of your home. This will compliment the overhead lighting and brighten up your space. Outdoor lighting is also very important, the add value to outdoor spaces and make people feel inclined to spend more time outdoors. 



This goes for indoor and outdoor areas. A fresh coat of paint can make an old dated room look bright and fresh. Neutrals always work great for bedrooms, living areas and kitchens. A bright color on the facade can attract buyers just by standing out from the rest of the homes on your street or neighborhood. 


Curb Appeal

 A first impression is a lasting impression. People will see the outside of your home first. Make sure you wash windows, clean walkways and siding and mow the lawn. Landscaping also makes your outdoor spaces look more appealing. 


Clean Up

This may seem like a no brainer but some people do not think of this step. Pick up toys, put away laundry and make sure all of your spaces are clean and organized. Dust blinds and baseboards, clean appliances and bathrooms.  

Remove Personal Items

You want the buyer to feel like they could live here. Many buyers may not be able to see past your personal style. So remove anything offensive, political, religious messages and posters. This will help the owner think about where they can place their own photos and artwork.


The smell of your place plays and important role in the sale of your home. Don’t underestimate the power of good or bad odor. Make sure your house is free of offensive odors and introduce good smells with candles, plugins or a fresh batch of cookies.



The first viewing of your home should leave buyers with a positive feeling. It is important to have your home in the best shape possible when showing to prospective buyers. Follow these steps and you will be on your way to a faster closing.

Check out this video from our agent Ryan Knowles where he talks about the importance of Home Staging:




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