Exclusive and Elusive | Andros

Coereba_flaveola_-Andros,_Bahamas-8_(1)Being the largest island in The Bahamas, Andros is a haven of relaxation. With a small population of 8,000 people, seclusion is the second name for this island. Teeming with lush greenery and wildlife, this island is a paradise for birders and naturalist. Take private tour with trained professionals to view not only birds exclusive to Andros but the beautiful wild orchids that come in all colors.

Andros is home to the worlds third largest barrier reef and is ranked among the world’s best androssmdiving sites. Andros’ barrier reef is also the third largest living organism and host an array of marlins, tunas, snappers and other exotic fish. This provides a kaleidoscope of colours and an amazing experience for divers and snorkelers.

For those that want a different experience, a variety of notable blue holes are littered around Andros. Take a private lesson at Stargate blue hole, only accessible by plane, and explore its underwater cave. Feel suspended in the depths of this beautiful wonder, it’ll be one of the most memorable dives you’ll ever experience!

Stay at the luxurious Tiamo Resort, where they offer private bonefish and deep sea fishing sessions. Kayak in a see through canoe over sting rays and clear blue oceans. Take a boat trip to Andros’ breathtaking mangroves or uninhabited cays, wakeboard, jet ski and waterski the day away.

74aca0c7f5259d0ba479fd07b13bf25bStop by the spa to ease the day away, and slow down for a minute. Rejuvenate on the beautiful white sand beaches and feel the island breeze. Take a relaxing stroll along the shores of shallow water areas and collect shells and beautiful souvenirs.

Rare and memorable is the only way you’ll be able to explain your vacation. Never having to compromise on that luxurious Instagram worthy feeling, while getting that amazing adventure you always wanted here in Andros!



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