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Kitchen with blue palm tree wallpaper, white tile back splash, white wooden island with with fruits and wicker baskets dark brown wooden counter tops, 2 wicker elephant on the sides of the sink along with palm fronds in a glass vase.

Don’t let this season spring up on you! With winter and the last snowman now melted and gone, it’s time to get your home ready for the blooms of spring. We’re here to give you 5 refreshing ways to decorate your home for Spring!

1.  Just a splash of Color
This time of year is the perfect time to break out the lively colors that’s been in the closet from summer. Bright, colorful vases, whimsical, airy curtains or even a simple vase of lemons are sure to bring out the magic of Spring. Come up with a color palette that compliments your home and go for it! If bright colors aren’t your thing, try emerald green, copper or royal purples.


2. Bring in the Foliage
Living in the tropics can have it’s advantages. If you don’t have a green thumb and hate plastic plants, try the new trend that everyone is loving, switch your flowers out for palm, fig or banana leaves! Less permanent than tropical wallpaper and more long-lasting than flowers, perfect for those that don’t want the headache of keeping up with living plants.

3. Open on up
Theres nothing better to refresh your home than actual fresh air. For a few hours, let island breeze whisk away any remaining memories of winter.

a9a5d4678d4df6fa817f97955cc610994. Flow into Florals
Nothing says spring like flowers, with understated vintage or pretty pastel floral deigns, you’re bound to find the right one to bring
out the accents in your home. If floral fabrics are too much, try incorporating flowers in different ways other than a vase!

5. A Visit from the Easter Bunny
What’s more Spring than Easter! Follow up your new decor with a hint of the Easter Holidays by just adding a beautiful ceramic bunny
to your mantel, end table or even as a centerpiece!



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