HGC Tips | 5 Must-No’s for First Time Home Owners

Now that you know the must-knows of buying a home, ready to start the first steps of buying your own home? Well, here’s a list of must-no’s to consider when starting this exciting process!

Looking for a home before applying for a mortgage
Viewing a home before being approved for a mortgage can not only be a waste of time but setting your heart on a home you can’t afford is disappointing as well. Shop around and find the perfect lender, compare rates, fees and loan terms. Be as excited about finding the best mortgage for you as you are about your home!

Fixating on the House rather than the neighbourhood
Like we stated in our previous blog, location is everything!

Emptying your savings
Always leave room in your budget for other expenses. Have a conversation with your Agent, keep those fees or costs at the forefront when going through the procedures of buying your home, i.e. closing costs. More often than not, people tend to go over their budget, so make sure be patient.

Be organized
There’s nothing more frustrating then losing important documents during an important time. File and keep all your documents in a safe place to be prepared for all scenarios!

Get an Estate Agent
Estate Agents are professionals in their field. Finding the right one is imperative to your house hunting experience. They not only negotiate on your behalf but they go even further; requesting repairs, tackling paperwork, finding the right neighbourhoods and avoiding closing problems!

Armed with all this information, buying your home will be a breeze!



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