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With all the time we’ve been staying inside, I’m sure you’ve heard a noise or two from your neighbours. Some of us are lucky enough to have saints living next to us, always there in a pickle or just for some company. However, there are some real horror stories out there, chances are you have some of your own, so here are some tips for dealing with bad neighbours!

Talk it out

Don’t expect your neighbours to be mindreaders. Simply tell them about your concerns in an open and direct way, propose a reasonable solution and stay positive!

Check with other neighbours

If it’s bothering you, it’s more than likely bothering others as well. See if anyone is having similar issues, they may be willing to help resolve it. Plus a second opinion never hurts!

Consider mediators

If you reside in an apartment or if your home is a part of an HOA (Homeowners Association), reach out to your landlord or head of your HOA to solve the problem, that’s what they’re there for!

Get a legal opinion

We all know that plans don’t always go as planned. If you’ve tried everything you can consult with a lawyer for any legal steps you can take. While this should be a last resort, remember that your home is your sanctuary!

Try isolation

Maybe the thought of any type of neighbour isn’t for you, if that’s the case, try our family isles. While our cities might be bustling and busy, our family islands are as slow-paced as it gets. You can go for miles without seeing another house or you can opt for an entire island!



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