A Cultural Trip | Eleuthera Island Farm

After our last blog, we asked Anne Bethel, Estate Agent at HG Christie and co-owner of Eleuthera Island Farms, some questions on how she got started farming and how you can too.

Owners of a restaurant on a family island in the ’80s, Anne and
her husband found it hard to find fresh herbs and greens, so they started growing their own. After closing the restaurant they transitioned full time into farming.

Located in Palmetto Point, Eleuthera Island Farm and Nursery spans over 5 acres and offers a variety of lettuces, cooking greens, herbs and seasonal vegetables.

Here are some tips Anne has to share:

Start with Herbs
Basil, parsley, and chives are great starter plants that can be grown on your porch and can be used in a variety of dishes.


Use what you have
Soil, seeds, water, and a little love are all you need to get started. Container farming is a great way to start in your back yard!


Don’t overwater
As a beginner, you might make the mistake of overwatering or over tending to your plants. If you start off with good soil, just enough water, and keep an eye out for weeds, then your plants will be just fine.


Kids can farm too
Germinating seeds or large pips like avocado can be done using plastic cups and your windowsill. They start easily and it’s fun to see the roots, stems, and leaves develop!




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