Agent Spotlight: Sara Appleton | Life with Covid

So How is Living in Nassau with Covid restrictions? A day in the life of a Real Estate Agent.

I just came back from walking my dog in my neighbourhood of Cable Beach. We walked alone, keeping 6 feet from our doggy friends but certainly talking and waving and enjoying our interaction. We continued down to the beach for our morning stretch, mask attached to my lanyard with my house key, easy for everyone to see that I comply as necessary. We walked back past Starbucks, staying away from the patrons lined up outside, wearing masks and standing 6 feet apart waiting for their turn to enter the store and get their morning beverage.

Once home I wash my hands and get to work. Online.

Anyone who can is still working from home, sometimes offices roster their workers and test in office to keep the team safe. Life goes on, albeit slowly. We have many international people staying in the Bahamas and working online via the BEATS Visa for one year, so rentals are busy and so I make my appointments.

I meet the client at the property, we are all wearing masks, and I salute everyone in a Namaste hand pose to show respect. No one can see my welcoming smile. I often forget that. We sanitize our hands and enter the apartment for the viewing. We are not allowed to touch anything, and sometimes we are asked to remove our shoes. It’s fine. No one wants to be responsible for someone else’s illness. We repeat this process at each property and go home to bathe and change. We phone each other afterwards to discuss and decide.

Hubby and I decide to ditch the supermarket where it is government regulations to wear masks, sanitize our hands and have our temperature taken upon entry. We go to the local restaurant for dinner instead. We are still allowed to dine outdoors, six feet between tables, being served by mask-wearing wait staff. We must wear a mask while not seated at our own table, but at the table, with our family or Covid bubble friends, we take off our masks and eat and drink and laugh and wear lipstick with great joy!

Indoor dining will open for the vaccinated next month. We are still under a 10 pm curfew, but according to my well-rested, youthful appearance and my wallet that is not such a bad thing…….come and visit us!



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