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Wellness Weekends are a great way to try new things, meet new people or reconnect with friends in a beautiful, relaxing setting. During our stay we had the option to engage in various activities, or just relax on the beach and take a paddleboard out for a spin while gazing down at the multitude of sea life that surrounds this private island. The ‘weekend’ is framed to satisfy every need, but also give you time to chill out.

Where You’ll Stay – Ship Channel Cay

cottageThe island has three rustic cottages that offer every modern comfort. The cottages all have AC, electric lights, hot showers, flushing toilets and charging outlets in case you do need to charge up your phone or laptops. Free Wi-Fi is available in all the rooms and by the Bar/Dining room. I highly recommend unplugging from all devices to truly relax!

There are couches overlooking the sea, writing tables and a separate observation deck on the beach to watch the turtles and enjoy the breeze, stretch out or enjoy the stars at night. The view and activities will keep you busy enough if that is what you are looking for.

Where You’ll Eat

The dining room and dock are where we were served our meals by happy island staff depending on the breeze.  During our stay, local fisherman delivered fresh bounty that was prepared and accompanied by fresh salads and some traditional side dishes.  Wine and booze are available but we tried not to overindulge as it was a wellness weekend!  I can safely say that a little cocktail is part of my therapy and relaxation.  It is all about relieving stress and getting to know your body and calm your mind.

conch salad

Where You’ll Wellness

conch1The island is your wellness playground.  Morning Block Therapy on the observation deck, followed by a beautiful breakfast then a nature walk to the lagoon and North Beach.  Once on the Northside, we walked in the lagoons observing all the baby sharks and stingrays, and then paddleboarding before being served a variety of fresh fruit, meats, cheeses and of course fresh made conch salad!

In the evening we roasted marshmallows on a fire on the beach and relaxed. Much better than TV although there are TVs for watching Netflix, videos etc if that’s your poison.

Wellness, Eat, Sleep Repeat!

I highly recommend this retreat and our amazing, knowledgeable hosts! Thank you for an incredible experience and weekend Powerboat Adventures, and especially our wellness hostess Nurse Sara Appleton.

Book your Wellness Weekend in the spectacular Exumas! I know I will be back!







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