Getting ready to sell? | HGC Tips

Here are some quick and easy tips for preparing your property for sale:

  1. Your yard.

Mow the grass, trim the edges and remove leaf litter and gardening debris. Sweep all outside areas and paths.

  1. The buyer’s first impression.

If you have a front gate make sure it swings correctly and can close, a locking gate is an asset.

Ensure your front door is clean, solid, doesn’t squeak and locks properly.

  1. Wash your windows and your dishes!

Washing,Dishes.,Male,Hands,In,Foam,Washes,The,Frying,PanNobody wants to see your dirty dishes, not even you!

Clean windows not only make the outside of your house appear well-maintained and cared for but it lets extra light inside and brightens your home!


  1. De-clutter.

Yes, you love your photos and it is lovely that you have your whole family represented, however, a buyer needs to be able to see themselves in this space.

Make sure you clean up all your children’s toys and pet toys and remember less is more…… show the true size of your property by decluttering inside and out.

Follow this simple rule: if you are not going to take it with you, get rid of it as soon as possible.

  1. Stimulate your senses.

A,Closeup,Of,A,Young,African,Female,Holding,A,GlassOnce you have cleaned everything up highlight your beautiful spaces by turning on appropriate lighting, putting the ceiling fans on low, and ensuring space smells inviting either with a scented candle or some freshly baked cookies.

When you are done preparing ask yourself: would you buy this property?



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