A Cultural trip | The Colours of Summer

Tis’ the season for the colourful floral display that makes our tropical islands so beautiful.

Driving out Eastern Road on New Providence not only do we enjoy the shady green canopies and bright orange flowers of the Poincianas, but also the beautiful cascading yellow flowers of the tree known as ‘golden shower’.

In Abaco, the Bougainvillea once again climb up fences and through trees displaying beautiful plumes of bright pinks and purples against the colourful cottages.

Yellow Allamanda is a staple in Harbour Island and is often painted by local artists on that postcard-perfect island.

Not initially pretty, the flower of Eleuthera must be the succulent and fragrant pineapple!

What else do these islands have in common?

We have HG Christie offices on each of these islands (and more) to serve you in the Bahamas!



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