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Spacious Executive Estate, Lake Cunningham – NS61642

Sunday drivers are not just filling in time, they are looking at the flowers, the beach and other things that are attractive to them. So, what about your house? Is it attractive?


Stand across the street from your house and look at it through the eyes of your neighbours. How is your curb appeal?

  • Is your grass mowed?
  • Are the dead branches, coconuts and debris cleared from your yard?
  • Are all the cars in your driveway licensed, clean, and in good working order?
  • Are the children’s toys put away or stored neatly?
  • Is your garbage can stored neatly with a lid to deter vermin? 
  • Is your front doorstep clean, uncluttered and welcoming?

Just remember that a broken fence can deter buyers with children or pets, and give a poor first impression, making the property difficult to show.


More often than not, clients see your property for sale on our website and drive-by before making an appointment to view it. Let’s make sure they want to see the inside of your house by presenting great Curb Appeal! Ask your listing agent to help you.



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