A Cultural Trip | Crab Fest

This goes to all you crab-lovers out there!

Have you ever wished that there was a place that was the epitome of a crab paradise?

That lived, breathed and practically built their entire culture around the collection of those crawling crustaceans? 

That had a festival specifically for the celebration and consumption of those numerous critters, complete with turning them into a variety of delicious delicacies?

Well, wish no longer, for this is one island on the archipelago paradise that excels at and is the ‘epitome’ of crab crazy:


Also known as – The Land of the Crabs!

It got this nickname as a result of its numerous success in terms of crab catching! This success is owed mostly towards Andros itself having loads of undeveloped land. This means there’s a lot of space for crabs to make their home and grow up in. 

This also means that, when nightfalls and the season of rain comes along, there’s more than enough food to be caught!~ Especially helpful when one remembers the festival that comes around once a year in June.

Originally, back in 1997, it was created as a way to boost the Androsian economy by using its chief domestic moneymaker and drawing in funds from tourism (both domestic and international-wise). 

That is how the annual All Andros Crab Festival came to be. Though, locals call it by the short, yet sweet, nickname of Crab Fest.

True to its name, Crab Fest celebrates its relationship with its marine life by putting to the forefront all of the cuisines that comes with it and even demonstrations on how to cook them.

For example, there are:

  • Crab n’ Rice – Delicious seafood mixed with a staple food source! What’s not to love?
  • Crab Soup – You can never go wrong with soup!~ A myriad of crab, vegetables, and warm broth that’s guaranteed to leave you satisfied.
  • Crab Cakes – You’d be remiss if you left without trying one of these!

Of course, a festival isn’t just about the food! 

There are also activities like the releasing of the crabs, learning about the biology and life cycles of these interesting creatures, and even having bands play the musical genre of the Bahamas: Rake N Scrape!

With all this in mind, if you’re a crab lover, you’ll no doubt love the annual Crab Fest! It’s a ‘must-do’ to attend at least once! It’s a choice that’ll ensure you won’t feel ‘crabby’ anytime soon!



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