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It is a dream for many to be able to live by the beach. To be able to bask in the beautiful and clear ocean of the Bahamas whenever they want. To see a beautiful sunset every evening. It is also a dream by many to reside in Lyford Cay, a gated community that exemplifies that you ‘made it’ in life.

As such, this is where the magnificent lot on Bayswater Lane, facing west to the waters of Clifton Bay, comes into play, allowing both dreams to be easily fulfilled. With about 1.52 acres of land at your disposal, one is free to build whatever residence that they desire to their heart’s content.

In addition to having an envious beachfront (which has a wooden dock as a bonus), the lot on Bayswater Lane houses a canal front that is around 100 feet in terms of length.

tour_picture_7_959_34274Those that like their privacy, they would be pleased to enjoy the fact that the lot has been designed to truly keep your own activities to yourself! This is accomplished thanks to the ‘private wall’ – a recent sea wall retainer that allows you to enjoy yourself without the worry of anyone else being aware and its design even allows for a private cove as well.

For nature lovers, that lot is something truly to be one of envy. Surrounding its fence and gates are various trees that are indigenous only to the archipelago of the Bahamas. In addition to the classic coconut palm trees: perfect for shade and perfect for something to snack on.

To the activity side of things, one would naturally have quick access to the aquatic side of things thanks to the lot’s location by the ocean. This would include activities like: snorkeling, swimming, water skiing, kayaking, really the works. Another plus is that Clifton Bay is a hotspot for yachts to sail about during the winter, thus providing any resident with a cool show for those interested.

tour_picture_36_931_34274However, it would also be remiss to not mention that since the location of this property is in Lyford Cay, the residents would also have access to the scores of activities the community has as well. From the tennis courts to the marina to the fitness center and pool, such forms of recreation would be readily available to you. There’s even an international school to enroll your children, assuming you have any.

All of this would be available to any residence for the price of $12,500,000! A hefty price, but one that is guaranteed to be more than worth it!

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