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Just an hour’s flight from Miami, you’ll find yourself out of the hustle and bustle of the city and into the slow-moving ways of island life. If you’re looking for things to make the most out of your adventure or a low-key weekend getaway, here are a few activities to help you explore one of the most bewitching places on earth, The Bahamas.

Take a deeper dive
Taino-Beach-Resort-Clubs-beachBahamians truly believe our seas can cure a lot of ailments. Fatigued? A leap off a pier will definitely wake you up. Allergies? A good swim can clear that up. Sinuses troubling you? Take a plunge! Arthritis? A long soak and you’ll be good as gold! Even if that’s not the case, there’s nothing more refreshing than floating in our turquoise tides. Start your trip off right by watching the palms sway lazily on the exquisite Taino Beach in Freeport, Grand Bahama!


A wild ride from beginning to end
powerboat-tour-nah.cr3504x2336-0x0If you’re ready for a whirlwind of an escapade, look no further than Powerboat Adventures! A true staple for both locals and tourists, if you’re in need of excitement, here is where you can find it! From boarding, you will be sped over to a host of activities and sights; ranging from swimming with the infamous Exuma Pigs to feeding wild sharks, stingrays and iguanas. And what’s better than an open bar? An open bar on a stunning private Exuma island.

Chill out, you’re on island time
Everyone likes to unleash their daredevil every once in a while, but if you’re in the tropics, now is theScreen Shot 2022-07-01 at 10.00.14 AM time to take your time and just relax. 4 Winds Fishing and Tours is the perfect day trip for just that. A Bahamian family-owned tour company that will take you on a truly zen and serene experience of our isles. The captain, with over ten years of experience, can help you score a catch and keep his signature rum punch flowing all the while gliding you across the sea to the picturesque Rose Island, with miles of cotton-white sands and wild peacocks, for a day of snorkelling and sightseeing.


Art in the archipelago
National-Art-Gallery-Of-The-Bahamas-55542An art buff? The Bahamas has no shortage of impressive creatives and they are a true hidden treasure, from sculptures to photographers to painters to graffiti artists, they sincerely encapsulate the spirit of our vast archipelago. Experience the rich stories these visionaries have to tell at the historic National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, a true haven for all visual artists and close to the hub of downtown Nassau!

Treat yo’self

Surrounded by water on all sides, if it’s one thing Bahamians can offer its divine seafood. We truly don’t hold back on seasoning our fish, properlygoldie-s-conch-house cleaning our crab, or diving for the treasure that is conch. A marvel for many tourists trying local cuisine is our infamous conch salad, but if you want to venture into more of our exotic dishes here’s a list you can try! Sheep tongue souse with a buttery johnny cake is a staple breakfast food for many residents, while a solid plate packed with peas n’ rice, fried grouper, baked macaroni, coleslaw and plantain can definitely hold you over to dinner; which can range from a warm plate of crab and dough to a perfectly baked crawfish with all the fixings.

All in all, there’s always something to see, do and eat among our many islands, take your pick then take a pic! Happy travels!

Written by: Jamie Forbes-Sabala



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