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When you think of the Bahamas or even island life in general, what are the first things to come to mind? Yes, white as snow beaches and crystal clear water would be one of the first few things to really stand out – but there is another aspect to island life that must be showcased! No, what should come to mind isn’t flashy resorts, but something that expresses the true creativity of the islander artisan.

The art of straw weaving! Straw weaving has been with the Bahamas for ages, and with it comes the craft of weaving up a multitude of items to enhance the country’s tropical lifestyle.  Fashion-wise, there was the classic straw hat that gave its wearers much-needed shade and it’s not uncommon to see ladies carry about a handbag made up of strong straw!

In terms of practicality, straw was also used industrially as a method for catching even the most elusive of fish or even becoming a basket to hold a variety of items, such as fruits to be given out as gifts. Thus, it should be of no surprise when straw also has a function outside of being purse material and gift giving. Namely? As something to help improve one’s home!


Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 3.09.58 PMIt’s easy to forget, but straw has been a valuable resource in the creation of various pieces of furniture throughout history, with many straw-based furniture being created from the wicker method – the oldest furniture-making method that dates back to 5,000 years ago and holds up even now in quality! 

Include in your home well-crafted straw chairs or even go another step further to complete the set with a straw table to go alongside it!  One can even go further by having straw bed frames or even bookshelves. Comfortable, sturdy and absolutely fitting the island atmosphere, having straw furniture would be a more than good inclusion to anyone looking to complete their home!

Case in point, a gorgeous set devised by Bahamian-inspired home decorator, Amanda Lindroth!



Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 3.10.07 PMWhat good house doesn’t have any decorations to spice things up? So why not take the choice to spruce up your homes with some straw craftsmanship? There are many artisans who can create wonders that will be absolute marvels for your living spaces! 

For example, there is no shortage of weavers that can create straw ornaments to use for festivities like birthdays, weddings, or even occasions such as Christmas! That’s not even getting into straw figurines, from making small straw animals to even life-sized statues of people, no doubt they would certainly help give more of a personality to one’s home than previously without it! In the case of Straw Shack, they weave iconic Bahamian imagery into baskets one can keep around the house!


Straw Market

Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 3.14.07 PM

Bahamians are so passionate about straw work that we have an entire market dedicated to it. Filled with some of the most talented Bahamian sculptors, weavers and artists you are bound to find the miss island flair you didn’t know you needed. Have a seat or strike up a conversation and watch them work, after decades of practice they are truly masters of their craft.

Use this as inspiration to add some Bahamian flair to your space!



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