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Comfort and safety. That’s what most people desire, finding the perfect community to live in. To be able to live without fear of any trespassers that could potentially do one and their family harm.

For those in Grand Bahama or thinking of moving to it, such a dream can be made a reality! Below are three gated communities on that island that will surely pique your interest in what they have to offer.

testFortune Cay

On the Lucaya’s southern shores, what rests upon there is a gated community: Fortune Cay. Fortune Cay is renowned for being a community filled with beachfront cottages. Fully furnished and even customized to be tailored to the needs of the owner, one would feel ‘fortunate’ to live in one of the cottages that this community offers.

As an added bonus, each cottage is equipped with a walkway that allows people to have easy access to the beautiful sandy shore that helped make our archipelago such an ideal paradise!


We’re not done with those southern shores just yet! Especially given this next community’s name: Shoreline! Shoreline has to offer not 10, not 30, not even 50, but 76 high-quality Grand Bahama homes! You ‘shore’ would feel right in checking out such availability!

That’s not even getting into the other amenities to be offered. As its name suggests, Shoreline offers a classic beach shore within the community. But that’s not all! Shoreline also holds two tennis courts, a basketball court, a tapas bar, two pools (one is a lap pool), and a clubhouse that even holds a fitness centre. Entertainment, security and comfort – Shoreline offers a lot for those who wish to check it out.

Test 3Port of Call Villas

The final gated community to be checked out is the Port of Call Villas! It’s a small, yet quite cosy and quiet, community that’s perfect for those who crave a bit more privacy! Like with both Shoreline and Fortune Cay, Port of Call Villas offers tremendously beautiful beach fronts for residents to enjoy at their leisure!

In addition, those who join this community enjoy perks such as a backup generator, as well as pool access if one doesn’t quite like the beach! Such a place really ‘calls’ out to anyone that has an interest in it!

So we have all three: Would you prefer the fully customizable capabilities Fortune Cay provides? Take a gander at Shoreline and its collections of 76 homes? Feel more attuned to the quiet life within the Port of Call Villas? If anyone resonates with either of the three listed, then it would be more than worth it to take a look at what these communities have to show for it!



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