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If you’re thinking “it’s time to move on and up”, then it’s time to start thinking of how to add even more value to your property to maximize the potential of your investment. Stumped on how? Well here are three things you can do to allure the right buyers to your home!

Modernize the most important rooms

025-ParadiseIsland-OceanClub-LaCieba-A7R06266edited (1)Start with the most important rooms to buyers; the kitchen and bathrooms. While quite an expensive project this can instantly add a tremendous amount of value to any home. The kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home, and while you don’t need marble countertops and a quartz backsplash to make an impression, storage space and smart energy-saving appliances can be a great selling point. Inviting and relaxing can be words to describe an ideal bathroom and can also benefit from a good amount of storage space, however, installing both a separate tub and shower can instantly set you apart from the rest.

Stand out

Professional,House,Painter,Painting,The,Trim,And,Shutters,Of,AWant something a little more essential? Give your residence a much-needed makeover by painting your exterior. While time-consuming, it’s significantly more cost-effective in the value it adds to your beautiful home. While we recommend that you stay neutral when it comes to colour schemes, we can’t tell you how much buyers love a pop of colour on the front door. It’s distinctive, trendy and adds a level of curb appeal that can set you apart from the rest.

Let your yard speak for itself

038-OceanClubLot3-A7R01102editedWhile each home and lot is unique in its way, landscaping is vital in selling your property. Clearing down overgrown or dead timber and strategically planting trees and shrubs is an easy way to boost the value of your land. However, most don’t realize the value of some naturally grown plants. Certain palms, trees and shrubs can be worth hundreds by the pot. Palm, native fruit and flowering trees can create a tropical oasis that can catch the eye of any buyer. While shrubbery can add a border of privacy and beauty. They make an excellent natural source of shade and invite a variety of birds.



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