Exclusive and Elusive | Amazing Condos in Grand Bahama

Have you ever wanted to own a condo?

It’s everyone’s dream at one point: to own a marvellous place to reside in of the most beautiful islands in all of the Caribbean.

This post here can make such a dream a surefire reality! We have three of the finest condos in Grand Bahama that are just perfect to invest in!

Bell Channel

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 8.41.27 AMNow the first one up on the investment agenda is a club located in the marvellous Bell Channel! Located in Lucaya – one of the best suburbs in Grand Bahama – Bell Channel is a gated community that offers quite a deal for its residents! Investing in a two-story condo here would net you:

  • A home that holds an incredibly spacious Master Bedroom that has not one, but two walk-in closets. It even has a private bathroom all to itself installed!
  • A complex with high-quality security and parking.
  • Ever wanted somewhere to have a picnic or BBQ with family or friends? Play some tennis? Use a heated pool? This complex has got you covered!
  • It is quite close to the famed Lucaya. From restaurants to shops, it is a wonderland for your wallet. In addition, the location is also fifteen minutes away from the airport.
  • Lastly, but certainly not least, this position would give you access to a marvellous beachfront. Enjoy the waters that make the Bahamas famous to your heart’s content.

Port of Call Villas

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 8.42.13 AMNow the second one that would do wonders in the investment regime area is a condo at the esteemed Port of Call Villas. Port of Call Villas is a small gated community – one that appeals to those who seek a fun, yet quiet and peaceful, life. However, small in size it may be, this two-bedroom condo does not lack in terms of services it can provide for its residents:

  • Like most renowned resorts of the Bahamas archipelago, Port of Call Villas holds access to a marvellous beachfront. Clean white sands and sea that call out to marine lovers of all ages – a perfect place to relax and have fun.
  • Of course, for those who aren’t a fan of the beach, the condo comes equipped with a swimming pool that’s perfect for use.
  • Worried about a potential hurricane that could lead your home battered and without power? Don’t worry, this condo gains access to both a backup generator and even storm shutters. Meaning even if your power is knocked out and are faced with a fearsome natural disaster, you can still be both safe and have their needed luxury.
  • The condo itself is located pretty close to a variety of locations that Freeport has to offer. Casinos, hotels, shopping districts and a bustling downtown sector. Even the airport is close at hand! Thus, when it comes to entertainment or travel, one’s destination is never that out of reach.

Bahama Terrace Yacht and Country Club

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 8.42.33 AMNow last, but most certainly not least, in the investment ideal, we have a condo at the site of the Bahama Terrace Yacht and Country Club. With it, we have quite the potential that can not be overlooked.

  • This condo has over 15 bedrooms to give any person their own space to rest up in, and over thirty bathrooms for people to use. Perfect for those with large groups that need somewhere to stay or just have the extra availability to have more people stay about.
  • Wanna enjoy easy access to downtown Freeport, yet also crave access to the local airport? Well, not to fear! This complex is located in the right area that allows one to travel downtown for easy access anytime.
  • The complex is located on an 8-canal front – thus making it also the ideal location for anyone that has an interest in the ocean to be towards. From swimming in the crystal-clear waters to taking a ride on your boat, to merely fishing for the meal of the day – this canal front can be underlooked. However, if the canal front isn’t quite your looking for, one would be happy to note that this complex resides quite close to the beach. Thus, people get the best of both worlds.



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