HGC TIPS | Time to redecorate

For those who plan on living in the Bahamas, figuring out how to model your home’s interior would be quite essential.

Considering one would be living in a tropical setting, any newcomer would want their home to be best to reflect their surroundings!

Thus, the following recommendations would surely be ones to help ensure your home is one suited for the islander life you’re about to lead!


Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 12.18.50 PMOne of the most common methods of interior decorating is to set oneself up with some art! The Bahamas are filled with extraordinary artisans that can help brighten up your home greatly!

For example, Freeport holds Leo’s Art Gallery, which holds the titular Leo Brown’s work. His artwork, like what is shown above, represents life in the Bahamas outside the touristic attractions, but rather simpler and more scenic depictions. For those who crave artwork of nature or appreciate depictions of a community together, artwork like Leo’s would prove to be something to look into for one’s home.


Interior,Of,A,Cafe,Or,Restaurant,With,Wicker,Furniture,AndYou can’t have a home without furniture! So why not use this opportunity of joining the Bahamas to get some furniture that fits the tropical theme?

One of the Bahamas’ key draws is its straw-weaving industry. From comfortable and stylish straw hats to beautifully well-made straw handbags – straw has found many uses over the years as a part of the island lifestyle.

Among such creations is straw furniture, woven both with function and beauty in mind. For example, one can buy sturdy straw tables the likes like straw chairs to sit upon, like the one above that comes from interior designer Amanda Lindroth.


Beautiful,Small,Cactuses,Mixture,Full,Frame,Stock,Images.,Green,CactiFinally, what good is a home without some sort of green in it!? Nature’s a perfect way to help liven things up in your tropical paradise!

For example, how about one of these little guys? Cacti aren’t just found in the desert, even the Bahamas holds them and they don’t even need much water to ensure they are healthy and strong. Freeport’s Lucaya Nursery holds plants like these and more for those who want to hedge their bets on plant life.

Have any of these caught your eye? Perhaps you want to get in touch with your tropical, artistic side? Maybe spruce up your furniture with something woven straw? Or even wanna go down to a nursery for a nifty plant to take care of? Well, these are just some of the tips that can help make your brand-new tropical life more homely than ever before!



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