Piece of Paradise | The Grand Estate

Most have thought about it at one point, yes?

To have that easy access towards one of the beaches that make the Bahamas alluring to both citizens and tourists alike. The ability to relax or enjoy the cool waters that envelop the archipelago. To live the island life at its peak comfort and livability!


As it stands, there is one offer that allows people to get that chance! Located in Grand Bahama’s esteemed Fortune Cay, one would feel most fortunate in checking out this marvellous property – The Grand Estate.

With over 18,000 square feet of property, two magnificent beachfront villas reside in this well-known gated community and are up for grabs! That’s right, the Grand Estate could be well within your grasp! Strong and tall palm trees are planted firmly on the lot, perfect for giving shade to their awaiting owners. Neatly cut green and solid white mix together for a perfect blend of excellent lawn care matched with good pavement placement! In addition, there are street lights installed, ensuring that warmth and visibility remain, even when the sun does not.

tour_picture_174_915_41927That dream of having access to a wonderful beach? Well, that can come true as one would have about 3.5 miles of it to walk about or just enjoy your time there! But what if you aren’t feeling up for the beach? Well, not to worry! One could still have fun in the water by using the luxurious pool that the villas come equipped with! Ever had an interest in tennis!? Well, now you have your court to play to your heart’s content.

That’s not to say that inside the villas is anything to scoff at! These ten-bedroom villas are two stories tall and well-furnished! From hallways being littered with phenomenal artwork, to rooms being held up by strong pillars, acquiring these villas would mean one is now living almost like royalty! But wait, there’s more! Ever wanted to buff up and get in shape? Desire that private office space needed for work? Entertainment areas with the best Wi-fi and stereo system around? The Grand Estate has your back! It even has backup generators for one to use! So blackouts are a thing of the past!

In short: Two fantastically built villas? Property next to a beautiful beach? Amenities to the galore? The Grand Estate truly lives up to its name and it’s a property that one simply can not ignore!





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