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Do you like golf?

Acres of green spanning all around you, a warm sun that captures the moment, the feeling you get when there’s a good grip on that golf club? The focus you get as you see the target and line it up, the anticipation filling your body as you finally strike, that nervous prayer you send off while it goes sailing?

All being replaced by feeling utterly delighted as your shot goes into your mark, a hole-in-one for the ages! Though, would one be able to play such a game during your ventures in Grand Bahama?

Why, of course. Grand Bahama holds quite the golf courses on its island, with one that anyone would be bound to love!

The course in question? It’s the Grand Lucayan Resort’s very own staple: the Reef Club.

This golf course was created in 2000 by esteemed golf course architect Robert Trent Jones Jr. With Jones being a former President of the American Society of Golf Course Architects and Californian Golf Hall of Famer, the Reef Course serves as one of around 300 golf courses that he had managed to design.

What does this mean for any golf player itching to try their experience the Bahamian way? It means that the Grand Lucayan Resort now has access to over 6,909 yards of golf land that, be it aspiring champions or those looking for fun, could look forward to.

The entire course is in the class links style – meaning a large, natural, open layout. An ‘open’ might be an understatement as this golf course is wide and filled to the brim with an expansive grass area that would be sure to satisfy any golf aficionado. As to how large such a style is? Why the Reef Course has about 7,000 yards for players to use to their heart’s content.

Ever want to see how you go against courses that revolve around water? Well, the Reef Course has got you covered with 13 of 18 marvellous courses requiring one to play across such watery terrain.

It should be no surprise that this level of quality has become one of the reasons why the Reef Club is so popular. The course, itself was recognized as one of the top 100 golf courses in the world in Golfer’s magazine. It was even selected to host numerous events, such as the PGA’s Bahamas National Open.

Wide open spaces? A challenging course that can test your mettle and push you towards winning that medal? Recognized and used by the very best organizations internationally? There’s no doubt about it: The Reef Club golf course is something that is a must for golf lovers to experience for themselves!



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