HGC Tips | Getaway for the winter

The holidays are here! Meaning a perfect time to get your weary soul away from the three months of work, academics or just how life decided to come at you for the near end of 2022.

As such, one might be itching to get away from your current life a bit by taking a trip to the Bahamas! An excellent choice…but that bears the question: where do you go for that getaway?

Well, not to fear! That’s what this post is all about! We’ll show you three islands to get that break from any headaches or the rest of your crowning achievement!

New Providence – Atlantis

Screen Shot 2022-12-06 at 10.34.42 AMIt’s a classic and some say you can’t beat those! Atlantis is pretty much the most renowned resort in the Bahamas!

Located on Paradise Island is a hotel that earned being named after that mythical sunken city. A splashing fun water resort for the whole family, with thrilling water slides and chillingly cool pools. Those who want to risk it all can enjoy the fact Atlantis is home to quite a set of casinos that any risk-taker can’t resist! It’d be remiss not to mention that Atlantis is home to quite a set of sea life in their walkway aquariums! From stingrays to massive groupers, to even eels!~ All around are life that truly would make you feel like you are a part of a lost people who once ruled the sea!

These are but a taste of what Atlantis has in store for people and deserve a chance to be checked out with your own eyes.

Grand Bahama – Grand Lucayan Resort

Screen Shot 2022-12-06 at 10.34.17 AMIf Atlantis was the modern world getting its best look into how a sunken city might have looked like, then the Grand Lucayan Resort might be the resort that best captures that Bahamian isle feels, yet still brings in that modern resort comfort.

Get in touch with your natural side as the resort offers guests the chance to go diving under the water to explore caves and interact with marine life, to bird watching at the Rand Nature Centre since Grand Bahama is the second-best nesting place of many native birds in the archipelago. That’s not even getting into the fact that the resort is also home to not one! Not two! But three of the Bahamas’ national parks!

Becoming one with nature has never been both so accessible and easy as when you choose this resort!

Abaco – Green Turtle Club Resort

Screen Shot 2022-12-06 at 10.35.52 AMTelling anyone about how you went here is bound to get people feeling a bit green with envy!

The Green Turtle Club Beach Resort is home to one of the finest beaches that the archipelago has to offer. Clean, snow white, dunes that stretch for miles. Sand castling building? Just taking a nice relaxing stroll? Go nuts and do what you please as you enjoy this natural beauty the Bahamas has to offer you! Plus, there’s a very real chance that one will get to experience and interact with Abaco’s world-famous swimming pigs that are located on No Name Cay.

These three hold just a few of the getaways that make the Bahamas such a treasured destination! Natural beauty, modern and old school coming together for an in-between that keeps client coming, and make their getaway one to remember!



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