Exclusive and Elusive | Amazing Day trips in the bahamas

Only one day to enjoy yourself in the Bahamas, hm? Well, with a bit of luck and change, that one-day trip can turn into something memorable for a lifetime. Here are a few key destinations that one can go to help make your day great!

Nassau Straw Market

Screen Shot 2022-12-12 at 1.27.04 PMOne of the most sought places for a day trip is the Nassau Straw Market. Located in downtown New Providence, if there were ever a location to choose for a day trip then this location would be one of them. As its name suggests, it’s a location that revolves around the creation and selling of classic Bahamian straw-based goofs.

From the ever-classic straw hat to items like purses and baskets being up for grabs. For those with an artistic, fashionable or even just practical desire – you won’t be disappointed with taking a day there.

Garden of the Groves

Screen Shot 2022-12-12 at 1.27.12 PMNow, the Bahamas and nature are like white on rice – there’s no separating the two. Granted, while everyone is talking about white sandy beaches or the refreshing spring breeze, there’s another factor that needs appreciation, the magnificent plant life of this country. So what better way to do that than by heading towards Grand Bahama’s Garden of Groves!

Go bird-watching of some avian species that are unique to the Bahamas, or even just take a stroll through that 12-acre wonderland. You can even have the option of getting married there. For nature lovers, the thought of being married to your special someone in such an equally special place can not be ignored.

Harbour Island

Screen Shot 2022-12-12 at 1.27.24 PMHm? What makes this island stand out from the other hundreds in this archipelago? Why Harbour Island is special for two reasons! Reason one, it is famous for its three-mile stretch of pink sand! That alone is worth enough to go check out for yourself.

As for the second? Why Harbour Island is also home to the infamous swimming pigs! One can feel free to swim and hang out with them right on the beachy shores of Harbour Island. Great new sights and getting in touch with your animal caretaker side? Harbour Island is a must-see if you want to spend the day in a great location!

A market bustling with artists bringing to lifestyle and function, a garden that can likely rival that of Eden, and a beautiful beach teeming with friendly wildlife! These are just a few of the many areas that would make for a great day trip if one were to come to the Bahamas. Giving them at least a glance for yourself would certainly be more than worthwhile!



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