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The week leading up to Christmas! A time when festivities and plans for the winter holidays all come to fruition for a joyous occasion! 

Of course, there might be some difficulties concerning how to spend such a day, beyond feasting and gift-giving.

As such, this post aims to help out with the activity front on that day!


Games are quite a popular way to help make Christmas memories with your loved ones. Perhaps with something like chocolate or maybe a few dollars on the line, you can get everyone to join in on a game of charade or even classics like board games or bingo!

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Of course, for those interested in more outdoorsy-type activities, one can do something in one’s backdoors like playing catch or doing some fun races with each other. It’s always good to get active and events like those are bound to get people’s interest. Heck, a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt can be held. From little children to young adults, everyone loves a good hunt on a festive holiday!


Family,Enjoying,Movie,Night,At,Home,TogetherMovie night! Or a movie afternoon? Movie morning? Well, whatever type of day you decide to watch, enjoying a movie with your loved ones is always a must, an avenue that you certainly won’t regret. 

Passing a bowl of popcorn around, hyping each other up as the story unfolds, having shared glee because of a cool action sequence, and getting shared catharsis at the climax. It’s a staple for some for a good reason!


A,Group,Of,Friends,Catch,Up,Over,A,Meal,AtChristmas comes at the end of the year. Regardless of who you are, there are bound to be some ups and downs as you make your way towards Christmas. Likewise, this might also mean one has not quite met up with their loved ones for a good deal of time. So Christmas can be a good way to rectify that.

Gather around a living room or outdoors and just make a day getting back to knowing the ones you cherish. You can even make a little game out of it. Say, judging who had the wackiest experience of the entire year. Christmas should be a time of reconnection. Make that day count to get to know those you value dearly. Plan a huge family reunion for the holiday!

With great regards, H.G. Christie wishes you all a very Merry Christmas!



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