HGC Tips | Top 3 Worst Renovations

Renovations are a tricky thing to tackle. On one hand, you want your home to look the very best that it can be. To express yourself and make it feel like this is the home you own and want to show off to the world!

That said, you don’t want to end up making a severe mistake in the process. Trying to make things look better is all well and good, but when such things could lead to not just going back to zero but into the negatives (both physically and financially) it makes sense to go about things with a degree of caution.

In turn, this post will list three of such mistakes so anyone with the intent of making their home better can do so in a better-guided way.

#1 Worst Renovations – Pool Installation

Removing,Tile,In,The,Pool,,Renovation,Work,Of,Swimming,PoolFor many, having a pool installed in their backyard would be a symbol of success! That they had made it in life and this was one of the benefits obtained from their hard work. While that’s normally all well and good, two downsides make up such an affair that one needs to take into consideration.

  • Cost – Pools are not an easy addition to put on to your property. They cost a hefty fee throughout the entire before/during/after the process. From checking to see if the ground is stable, to having to pay for the upkeep of it, pools can be known to put a massive dent in your wallet if you aren’t careful enough.
  • Selling Liability – It’s also no surprise that some do not take kindly to acquiring a pool. From reasons ranging from preferring a backyard to wanting to start a family without the risks, pools can bring.

#2 Worst Renovations – Master Suite Bedroom

Empty,Residencial,Bedroom,In,The,Middle,Of,Renovation,With,WallsThe alpha and omega of the house. The day starts and ends there. So it’s only natural one would want to fix things up into the apex room of your house. Walk-in closets, private bathrooms, a mini-fridge, the works! However, the problem with such endeavours comes down to the cost of it.

You’ll be looking at a figure that’s six digits in and rising. For many people, that’s a pretty hefty toll and it’s not uncommon that, if one were to sell their house, they would not receive much in the way of recuperating said losses. One of the issues with making something as specialized as a master bedroom: you may like how it’s designed, but others may not and that can hamper buying prospects. So on one end, you got something that a good deal of people would not want to buy and something that can easily send you spiralling into bankruptcy. Something so high maintenance is best making minimum additions unless one is truly certain that their house will be the one they’ll live in.

#3 Worst Renovations – Bathroom Renovations

Under,Construction,New,Bathtub,Remodeling,A,Home,Bathroom,,Plumbing,PipeIt’s understandable. Everyone wants a good bathroom to be in their home. Have that right amount of space and just in general make it look a lot nicer. That’s understandable. However, tackling such a project is rather perilous in its own right!

In terms of wanting to sell, your attempts at making a perfect bathroom might just up and cause potential buyers to be turned away, with a ‘luxury’ bathroom not mashing with what others would consider ‘luxury’.

Furthermore, the expenses raised from such endeavours are also quite pricey and even if someone were to buy your home, there’s a chance it won’t be enough to make up the difference you lost renovating. This isn’t even getting into the headaches concerning plumbing. It’s best to only go for high renovations only if you need to do so.

Thus, these are three of the worst renovations homeowners can make! It’s with this being given out in hopes that one now has the knowledge to help make a better decision when it comes to the renovations of your house.



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