HGC TIPS | Staging Your home

Home staging is an effective way to improve the value of your home and attract potential buyers. However, many homeowners make mistakes during the process that can lead to a lower reduction in the property’s value. Here are some of the most common home staging mistakes to avoid.

Cheerful,Young,Woman,Wearing,Party,Dress,Changing,Bulb,Light,InLighting woes
Pay attention to your lighting. Lighting can make a big difference in how a room looks and can set the tone of the entire house. Make sure all light fixtures are in working order and that the bulbs are of good wattage.

Create a fantasy
A problem may homeowners make is not depersonalizing. It is important to depersonalize a space so potential buyers can imagine themselves living there. Remove any personal items such as photos, artwork, and books to make the space feel less occupied.

Back,View,Of,Asian,Housekeeper,Looking,At,The,Clean,LivingLived-in, not hoarding
De-clutter, seriously. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is not de-cluttering their space enough, leading to a messy and cramped look. Remove any furniture and d├ęcor that isn’t necessary, as this can make a room look much more spacious.

Keep it tame
Too many colours. Colour can be used to create the desired atmosphere in any room, using too many colours can be maximalist but often not what homebuyers are looking for. Using appropriate shades of paint and adding accents such as pillows and rugs can add a lot of charm to the space.

002-LeRochefortLyfordCay-DJI_0418-editedFeature your favourite feature
Create a focal point. Featuring a focal point in each room can draw attention to certain amenities and can make the space appear more inviting. Place furniture in a way that creates a natural path to the focal point and makes sure to keep it free of clutter.




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