HGC TIPS | How to avoid maintenance pitfalls

The dream of owning your piece of paradise sounds great until it’s time to sort out the specifics and ensure you get the best condition for the best value. Here’s a short guide to help make the process a bit less daunting.

Get your prospective home inspected.

  •  Let’s start with the basics. We all know a great inspector is vital in identifying potential issues such as water damage, mould, termites and structural problems. They are crucial when making more informed decisions on such a big purchase.

Building? Research your local building codes first! 

  •  If you like to island hop, you may notice the difference in structures from island to island; well each island has different building codes. It may seem a bit overwhelming but be sure to speak to a local estate agent to ensure that the property you want to buy meets all the building codes in your location!

Keep in mind; you’re on an island.

  •  Although our weather is mostly sunshine and cool breeze, we are a hurricane-prone region. Once again, be sure to check your codes and research the correct steps to protect your property accordingly.

Budget for unexpected repairs. 

  •  No matter how well-maintained you keep your home unexpected repairs can still pop up. It is important to budget for these expenses so that you are not caught off guard by unexpected costs, such as and unfortunately not limited to, a leaky roof, busted pipe or broken appliance.



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