HGC Tips | Five Irresistible Private Islands Currently On The Market


Royal Island

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Royal Island is a 403-acre private island with white sandy beaches, great elevations, a large natural harbour, and a turnkey resort operation. Royal Island is located approximately 40 miles northeast of Nassau, and is less than a 20 minute boat ride away from North Eleuthera which has an international airport with flights daily. The island is currently set up as a weekly vacation rental resort, where they rent the 5 villas and resort areas for $16,000 a day. The resort is set on a small fraction of the island and the potential there is huge for developing your own private retreat.  The island is fully approved for a large development including a golf course and marina. Royal Island is a fantastic opportunity to own a piece of paradise in The Bahamas!


Crown Pigeon Island and Cay

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Crown Pigeon Island is an 11-acre paradise in the idyllic North Eleuthera. It boasts three stunning beaches, surrounded by crystal-clear waters and pristine white sand flats. It also features over 12,000 square feet of beautifully constructed homes, cottages, and villas, each offering breathtaking views of the harbour. The three residences provide a total of 15 sleeping rooms, patios, deck spaces, gardens, and outdoor kitchens, making it an ideal destination for family gatherings, corporate retreats, or simply a luxurious vacation with friends. The island is fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy island living at its best, including high-speed internet, a water-maker system, an organic composter, and backup generators. A 4-acre harbour on the leeward side provides ample space for your watercraft, including 2 boat lifts, a hauling ramp, and a floating dock. This private island offers the ultimate in privacy, luxury, and natural beauty.


Little Whale Cay

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Located in the southern Berry Islands, and just east of Chub Cay, the world famous Chub Cay Club, the area is well known for its great fishing. With over 60 ft of elevations, 12 miles of shoreline, and 13 sandy beaches – the island is easily accessible by boat, seaplane or by the 4,000 foot paved airstrip. The island consists of 735.92-acres with 105 platted lots, creating a great opportunity for development, or a private island paradise.

Whale Cay is an historic island in The Bahamas once owned by Marion Carstairs, a Standard Oil Heiress and charismatic character who built the first homes, roads, and runway on the island. While on island, she hosted celebrities, captains of industry, along with heads of state, including the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Accommodations on the island include The Great House on Whale Cay, complete with tennis facility, swimming pool and museum. Little Whale Cay also has a historic village, which includes residences, a school and radio station. The town housed up to 40 employees of Ms. Carstairs in the island’s heyday. Other buildings on the island include Doll House, a seaside cottage, constructed for the famous actress Marlene Dietrich, the church which is located on Church Point, The Lighthouse on Lighthouse Point and, Cliff House, which provides an immediate option for accommodation with 1,200 sq ft of air conditioned living space. All of the buildings apart from Cliff House are in need of some form of restoration.


Hoffman’s Cay

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Hoffman’s Cay is a pristine untouched private island in the heart of the most beautiful area in The Berry Islands. The Island has stunning beaches on both the windward and leeward sides of the island, with great elevations of up to 60 ft., all layered with lush vegetation and its very own blue hole. The island is 350-acres in total with 214-acres on the southern side becoming available for sale. Access to the island is via deep water channels and there are a number of locations that would be suitable for protected dockage. Located only 7 miles from Great Harbour Cay, with an international airport, and 40 miles from New Providence, Hoffman’s is easy to access yet a world away with its serenity and beauty.


Hummingbird Cay


Located in the breathtaking Exumas, Hummingbird Cay is a true gem that beckons investors with its unparalleled beauty and potential. Spanning 237-acres, this private island boasts pristine white beaches, turquoise waters, and a self-sustainable environment that is nothing short of luxurious. The estate includes two single-family homes, eight charming bungalows, commercial kitchens, dining halls, caretakers’ cottages, storage facilities, and more. The true essence of Hummingbird Cay lies in its untapped possibilities. With the right vision, its natural beauty sets the stage for creating a remarkable resort, capturing the hearts of discerning travelers seeking an unforgettable getaway. Picture a haven where guests can immerse themselves in their surroundings. The possibilities extend beyond the shores, with potential for marina facilities, recreational amenities and unique experiences that showcase the island’s allure. As a boater’s paradise, Hummingbird Cay offers convenient docks and a boat house, ensuring seamless travel for water enthusiasts.



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