Real Estate Agent
Before becoming involved in the Real Estate Industry, Rosalyn spent over 26 years in the related Private Banking and Financial Services Industry in The Bahamas. With a degree in Economics from The University of Western Ontario, her experience has equipped her with negotiating skills and tools to navigate the complex cross border transactions and financial process of a real estate transaction, Investment Board approval, Permanent Residency and Government prerequisites and applications.

A substantial market knowledge extending to post-closing property management needs, and being able to advise clients on investment and financial components of the process, is valued by Rosalyn's international clients when looking for the best opportunities, tax mitigation benefits and a return on their sizeable investments offshore.
Most importantly, she believes that one's living space should be not only an investment, but also a home.

Rosalyn has an extensive list of professional contacts and Introducers throughout the United States and Canada and is in an excellent position to receive referrals and advise high net worth foreign clients on offshore investments. As well as expertise in marketing and new business development, Rosalyn is the only crypto certified Agent in The Bahamas and is knowledgeable regarding crypto transactions, working with blockchain technology and NFT tokenizationRosalyn exhibits and speaks at seminars and conferences internationally and locally to develop interest in Bahamian properties, ensuring the broadest possible advertising opportunities and comprehensive service for her clients.
Canadian by birth with a Bahamian father, Rosalyn is a long-term member of The Rotary Club of East Nassau and Nassau Lawn Tennis Club. An avid tennis player and golfer she enjoys traveling while marketing The Bahamas throughout North America, Europe, East Asia and South America.

Rosalyn Brown

P.O. Box N.8164
Old Nassau, Nassau and Paradise Island, Bahamas