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Starting 60 miles off the coast of South Florida and stretching as far south as Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, The Bahamas is a coral archipelago of 700 islands, 29 of which are inhabited, and over 2,000 rocks and smaller islands known as “Cays.”

With a population estimated at 371,960 people in 2012, most of whom live on the major islands of New Providence, Grand Bahama, Eleuthera, Abaco, Exuma, Long Island, Inagua, Cat Island, Bimini and Andros as the Bahamas is an English speaking country with a robust workforce.

The term, “Isles of June” has often aptly been used to describe the Bahamas due to its mild climate. Having a tropical maritime wet and dry climate, with slight incursions of mildly polar air, generally the Bahamas does not experience extremes of temperatures. The humidity is fairly high, especially in the summer months, but there is usually a pleasant breeze which lessens the humid effect. Rain showers can occur at any time of the year, but the rainy months are May to October. Rainfall is mainly in the form of heavy thundershowers, which clear quickly.

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