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Selling Real Estate

It is our pleasure to be of assistance to you as you prepare to sell your property in the Bahamas. Our whole process is about you, your plans, and learning how we can best facilitate them. We thought it would be useful to you if we mentioned a little about the process of selling property, so that you can be fully prepared for the road ahead.

    • Reasons For Selling – Know why you’re selling and be able to discuss those reasons with your agent. This could assist with finding a buyer for your property.
    • Relationship with an Agent – HG Christie starts the relationship by sharing a wealth of information and knowledge the selling process, all legal aspects, and information on the state of the market. We work especially hard to build a complete understanding of your needs and wants. We set up easy communications, working with you to find the way that you wish us to use to keep you informed. We listen closely while you tell us about your goals, your goals for selling, and identifying your time frame for the sale.
    • Fix It Up – Clean the interior and exterior to increase curb appeal as necessary. Think about how to stage the home for showings. Remember – first impressions are lasting impressions!
    • Establish an Asking Price – Discuss with your realtor what they think your asking price should be based on the market; be honest with them as to your needs and expectations.
    • Signing a Listing Agreement – This will formalize your agreement with the real estate company and, if you decide to sign an Exclusive Listing Agreement with HG Christie, sellers can expect many additional benefits.
    • Marketing the Property – We will establish a marketing plan for your property that will include photography, advertising, web exposure, and many other customizable facets to get the word out about your property.
    • Showing the Property – Our agents will show your property to as many potential buyers as possible. Our agent will provide you with an important list of things to do in order to prepare your home for each showing. This will allow us to show off your property in its best light.
    • Offer is Presented – A buyer will submit this to you in writing, read over it, consider what you require from the sale, and either reject the offer, make a counter-offer, or accept the offer. You may need to negotiate, so you may want to sit down and outline everything you need or want from the deal.
    • Closing – If you decide to accept their offer, your home may have to submit to a home inspection. Once the payment is assured and made, the title will be conveyed to the buyer.

Please contact us to take the next step toward a successful sale of your property in the Bahamas or for general Bahamas Real Estate questions.